Shiva Za Skandara (Cosplayer)
Name: Alexander Dubois
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Salem, Massachusetts
Age: 16
Aliases: Lex, Lexy
Origin: Physical death
Grade: 9
Team: Guardians of Prometheus
Dating: None, Happily Single
Powers and Abilities: Ectoplasm Generation
Portrayed by: Shiva Za Skandara (Cosplayer)

Alexander Dubois's parents met while his mother was on a vacation to Paris when she was single. The two met, his mother-to-be went back to the States, and then his father-to-be followed her. It really was a romantic beginning. After that it was a pretty normal single-child childhood for Alexander, aside from he grew up speaking two languages. He was in his early teens when he decided he wanted to play the guitar and make it as a rockstar. Statistically improbable, but if no one ever did anything because it was unlikely, nothing would ever happen.

So his parents bought him a guitar, and he practiced until his fingers bled. And he got pretty good at it. So good, in fact, that he got invited to perform at a talent contest. The winner would get a recording contract! It was supposed to be Alex's big night. Alexander was determined that would be him that would win. The night of the concert was rainy, but all necessary safety procedures at been taken. There were tarps in place and all the electrical stuff was covered.

Everything went fine until Alex's turn. During his guitar solo he propped his foot on an amp… and just as he did, lightning struck the sound system. There was a tremendous explosion, and immediately everything powered by electricity on the stage exploded — including the stage lights, which were pointed at him, and all the amplifiers, one of which he had his foot on. It completed a circuit with all the exploding things around him. The damage was terrible. The stage was destroyed, and people were flung everywhere. Several were injured seriously in the massive blast.

Alexander, however… didn't survive. He was dead before he hit the stage.

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RP Hooks

  • Are you a sensitive? Can you sense dead people? Feel magic? Or are you naturally drawn to the spirits of the dead? Alexander's dead!
  • Do you like music? Particularly metal or hard rock? Or even *cringe* J-rock?! So does Alexander! He also likes cutesy stuff but he will never admit it! But he might be caught listening to it one day.



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