Agent Blake
Agent Blake
Chris Evans
Name: David Alvin Blake
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Blades, DE
Age: 21
Aliases: Lt. David Blake, Shadowman, Shady McGrady
Origin: Genetic
Grade: N/A
Team: {$team}
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Shadow manipulation, shadow teleportation, light absorption
Portrayed by: Chris Evans

Character Info

David grew up in Blades, DE, eldest of 3 children. He had a fairly normal childhood. Grew up playing sports and managed to hit his growth spurts before everyone else, letting him get an edge in. However, as he got into his junior and senior year, he grew enamored with the armed services and what they had to offer him. So, he joined the Delayed Entry Program for the Army before going in to his senior year and shipped out to Basic a week after graduating high school. It was during the stress of Basic that he discovered his powers. Due to their nature and potential benefit to the military, David was moved into a separate unit and given specialized training on Uncle Sam's dime. Now, he works for a Letter Organization that doesn't officially exist, helping the government in ways that a normal soldier can't.


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My kid sister. She discovered she had powers a year after I discovered mine. Funny story? Our powers are pretty much the opposite of each other. But I love the kid. She's sweet, if a little hyper-active. And half the time, I think she thinks she's living in one of her kid cartoons. But, she's a good person and if anybody hurts her, I'll hurt them.

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