Coral Springs High

Game Addie: 1510 or 1510

Coral Springs, not your typical high school, but one of a dozen schools across the world that teaches teenagers with abilities that go beyond what most would consider human. While the school is in an undisclosed location and uses technology to keep it hidden, it is a well known institute of learning and the fact that it teaches powered students is well known.

The schools main purpose is not to train the next wave of superheroes, but to give powered teenagers a safe environment were they can learn to control the powers they have while getting a top notch education. Some of these students come of their own free will, while others are sent to the school as an alternative to juvenile detention.

People with superpowers are an accepted part of society, though there a groups that think they are an abomination and should be 'cured' or isolated from everyone else. Most of these groups have no power behind them, but one is lead by a budding politician. Because of these groups, it is up to the individual whether they want to keep the fact they have powers a secret or not.

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