Coral Springs High

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Welcome to Coral Springs, a high school for the extra gifted!


Dedicated to those with abilities above and beyond normal humans, this school helps train those with exceptional abilities. Some may call them mutants, or meta humans, or simply super human. Students here have some ability that sets them above and beyond the normal. From flying to lifting mountains to shooting fire from their eyes, they all come here. There is no set code of 'good' or 'bad' to the schools philosophy, rather it is viewed as preventing them from hurting themselves and each other.

They are expected to not only learn their powers and abilities, but also to learn a regular body of knowledge as befitting any teenager of their grade level.

The school is located in international waters, technology hides this school from being found by most forces. Nearby on the coast is the pleasant town of Shady Cove.

Note: We are a light hearted teen super hero focused game. Light hearted in the vein of shows like Sky High, not full on comedy or humor. We are not as gritty as modern comics either.

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